The Wheel of Life Printable

Take a break and try this exercise to do a quick life audit.

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Are you stuck in a rut, like life's going in circles? 

If you're looking for a way to find balance and improve your life, then listen up!

Introducing the Wheel of Life printable - a powerful tool to revamp your journey to self-improvement and conquer stress.

You'll benefit from this exercise if you feel overwhelmed and stressed by the daily grind.

That's why I created this Wheel of Life printable. It's your roadmap to a more balanced, fulfilling life. This one-page worksheet packs a punch, helping you assess different areas of your life and identify what's working and what needs a little tune-up.

Here's what you'll get with the Wheel of Life printable:

  • A Visual Life Snapshot: Say goodbye to confusion! This simple and engaging Wheel of Life chart provides a clear visual snapshot of the crucial areas in your life, like relationships, careers, health, and more. It's easy to see where you're thriving and where there's room for growth.
  • Identify Stressors: No more guessing games. Uncover the sources of stress and imbalance as you rate each life aspect on the Wheel. Once you identify the pain points, you can focus on reducing stress and finding harmony.
  • Goal-Setting Made Easy: Buckle up for a ride to success! This Wheel of Life printable will guide you in setting achievable goals for each life area. It's like having a personal GPS, steering you toward your dreams and aspirations.
  • Track Your Progress: Watch yourself soar! Use this printable as a checkpoint to monitor your progress over time. As you implement positive changes, you'll witness how your life's journey evolves for the better.
  • Boost Your Self-Improvement: Prepare for a turbo boost! The Wheel of Life printable empowers you to take charge of your self-improvement journey. It's the fuel you need to kickstart the engine of growth and personal development.


  • A Visual Life Snapshot  📸
  • Identify Stressors  😓
  • Goal-Setting Made Easy  🎯

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