Money Mindset Goal Setting Workbook

Get to the bottom of your money mindset with this guided workbook!

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Feel like you're stuck in a financial loop? You're not alone.

The average person carries around $12,871 in potential unwanted debt, and a whopping 20% of households lack emergency savings.

If financial stress, living paycheck to paycheck, debt overwhelm, or unfulfilled goals sound familiar, it's time for a change.

That's where the Money Mindset Assessment and Workbook comes in.

Designed for those ready to transform their relationship with money, this step-by-step guide tackles common pain points. Whether it's budgeting woes, fear of investing, or income stagnation, we've got you covered.

Here's what you'll get:

✨ Guided questions and reflective spaces

💰 Tools to track your finances

🎯 Goal-setting strategies

📚 Book recommendations to reshape your money mindset

📏 Three size variations: Letter, A4, and A5

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a positive, empowered money mindset. Make small changes for big impacts with the Money Mindset Assessment and Workbook. 🌟

What's Inside:

  • 🤔 Self-Reflection
  • 📊 Spending Patterns
  • 💳 Assess Debt Relationship
  • 😓 Facing Financial Challenges
  • 🤑 Review Habits
  • 🧠 Explore Money Beliefs
  • 🎯 Set Goals & Achieve Dreams
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